A Restoration Dentist in St. George Can Replace Your Missing Teeth

  • restoration-dentist-in-st.-georgeIf you have lost any of your teeth, visit a restoration dentist in St. George.  In our dental office, we can help your teeth and your smile to look amazing, regardless of how healthy you are today.  We have found that many people feel overwhelmed by the condition of their teeth and that once they start to experience tooth loss, feel as though they have very little options.  This is not the case, and if you find yourself in this situation, we encourage you to visit our dental office to learn more about your options. 

Solutions to Replacing Your Teeth in St. George

  • There are multiple ways that we can replace your teeth, and the solution we recommend will depend on your oral health and the current density of your jawbone.  When you lose a tooth, the stimulation that it was giving your jawbone is eliminated.  This creates an issue because it tells your body that the bone is no longer necessary to fulfill its main function.  When this happens, your body can begin to leach calcium from your jawbone for use in other areas of your body.  As a result, your jawbone becomes weaker, your other teeth can suffer, and your face can begin to appear sunken or aged.  The sooner you visit us after tooth loss, the better chance we have of preserving the integrity of your jawbone by giving you a replacement tooth or teeth that will provide the bone with the stimulation that it needs.

Restoration Dentist in St. George, Utah

  • As a restoration dentist in St. George, we have several ways to do so.  Dental implants are our preferred solution because they are the best for preserving the integrity of your jawbone.  In this procedure, we insert a titanium post under your gum line and secure it to your jawbone.  The bone and metal will fuse together through the process of osseointegration.  This is what provides you with a new root system that is as durable as your natural one was.  The process of osseointegration can take a couple of months but once complete, we will secure your new tooth to the implant at the surface of your gums.  This is a surgical procedure that requires a certain level of bone density.  If you do not currently meet the requirements for implants, we can discuss surgical procedures to improve your bone density or look at a non-surgical solution like a dental bridge.

Dental Bridges Are a Great Solution

  • In our dental office, we place dental bridges on a regular basis.  This is an excellent solution when you have experienced some tooth loss but have some remaining, healthy teeth.  In this procedure, a crown is placed on the two teeth surrounding the missing one.  These crowns serve as anchors to hold the bridge and replacement tooth in place.  It typically takes a couple of appointments to fit you for a natural looking bridge but once in place, it is durable and beautiful.   A bridge will allow you to eat all of your favorite foods and help you to enjoy your appearance again.

Dentures Are a Possible Solution

  • If neither of these options is for you, we can discuss the possibility of dentures.  As a restoration dentist in St. George, we know that dentures are better looking and more comfortable than they have ever been.  Call our office today to discuss your many options.

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