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Our annual Smile Makeover giveaway is an amazing event. Each year we allow people to nominate individuals they feel deserve to win our $10,000 makeover. This event was a complete success resulting in our practice receiving over 1,100 smile submissions. We were humbled and grateful for all those that put their trust in us to share their wishes for a better smile. Our eyes were opened and we are devoted to making a difference for each one of you. We want to do our best to meet your individual needs.

We narrowed all of the smile submissions we received down to 10 finalists based on a certain number of criteria and from there we shared their photos and stories on our facebook page for our patients and friends to decide. Our winner, Sherry Thomas, received $10,000 in dental work and a beautiful smile to match her already beautiful personality. It was such a wonderful experience for us to meet Sherry and help accomplish her dream smile!

It’s time for us to pay her back for everything she’s done and continues to do for us and our kids. After she got the call informing her that she was a finalist… she broke down. She’s not usually an emotional person but tears of joy couldn’t be stopped as years of prayers are so close to being answered in the most incredible way. How refreshing it is to know that the world still holds wonderful, giving people like Dr. Utley! This is a wonderful gift… EVERYONE deserves a beautiful smile and we can’t imagine how much more beautiful our Mother would be if she could smile without fear! We love you mom!!!

– Lorie Gardine (One of Sherry’s Daughters)

What some don’t know is that Dr.Utley, being the caring doctor that he is, decided to reach out and help one more from our top 10, Jerry Zlenick. When Jerry came in as a semi-finalist we were deeply touched by his story and his contagious, joyful personality. Although he did not receive the most votes on Facebook during the voting period, so many people expressed their feelings about how wonderful and life-changing it would be if he won. One of our top 10 contestants even requested that all of her votes be given to him.

We proudly present Jerry Zelnick and his dazzling new smile, as a gift to him from our dental office and as a special surprise to everyone who heard his story and hoped that he would win!


In April of 2016 we launched our first ever 10,000 family fix to help a deserving family in need meet their dental health needs. We understand that it’s easy for parents to put their children’s needs before their own which often results in neglecting their own dental health. This contest was a way for us to learn about some of those great families and care for all of their smiles! Once again, we narrowed down the entries to the top 10 and left it up to our patients/friends to vote the most deserving family to them. Our winners, the Lounsbury family, was just that!


Patient is currently in treatment and will have an update soon.

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