Are You Choosing Between Dental Implants and Dentures?

Dental Implants


Dentures are a non-invasive way to replace your missing teeth. They are removable appliances and do not involve any surgical complications. Comparatively, dental implants are a long process that involves rooting a titanium post into the jawbone. Each option has its own benefits and limitations. Make sure you are well-informed when deciding between dental implants and dentures.

Why do you need dental implants or dentures?

Not everyone has a perfect smile. Many reasons, like injuries, gum diseases, tooth decay and accidents, can cause people to lose their teeth. Lack of fluoride in water and genetics are other common causes of tooth decay. Regardless of the reason behind someone’s missing teeth, dentures and dental implants are the convenient go-to options to replace them.

Difference between dental implants and dentures


Dentures are prosthetic devices created to fix missing teeth. The most important feature of dentures is its removability. Conventional dentures, either complete or partial, are removable. Some dentures clasp to dental implants, while others merely rest on the gums, as they are not fixed to the jaws. If a person without teeth has enough jawbone to provide support to implants, dentists recommend an implant-supported denture. The process has two major categories:
  • The hybrid denture is a method to replace both gum tissue and missing teeth with the help of the prosthetic device; it is a suitable option if a patient has suffered from severe jawbone loss, and provides a stable and natural look, along with full functionality to eat any food
  • A full denture is horseshoe-shaped denture, also called false teeth; in this process, a custom-made denture is crafted in a dental laboratory that covers the roof, gums and base of the mouth

Dental implants

Implants are cylinder-shaped, permanent titanium posts that are attached to the jawbone via surgery. The prosthetic teeth implant takes several months to heal as they fuse with the natural jawline. This fusion makes a stable foundation for the replaced teeth. Dental implants replace multiple teeth with the help of a implant-supporting teeth bridge. Dentists use an abutment or connective device to hold teeth firmly and fasten a clip that anchors the implants.

Consider the pros and cons when making the choice

Important factors are involved when making the choice between implants or dentures.
  • The number of teeth requiring implants
  • Total cost, including appointments, x-rays and crowns
  • Your age and the long-term benefit of dentures or implants
  • Your dental surgery insurance

Bottom Line

While teeth implants offer a permanent solution for your missing teeth problem, dentures are convenient, affordable and less intrusive. Making the right choice requires you to evaluate your dental needs and consult your dentist. Request an appointment in our St George dentist office here:

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