Consider Same-Day Crowns When You Are Too Busy to Wait

Same-Day CrownsWhen you don't have time to wait, consider same-day crowns for your dental improvements. When you have a busy schedule, it can be complicated to set time aside for several dentist appointments. We can restore your damaged teeth in one visit when you choose same-day crowns. Our technology allows us to complete your entire crown creation and placement right away so that your dental emergency does not interrupt your life.

Same-Day Crowns Technology

Our same-day crowns technology is so advanced that it allows us to produce your custom crown on-site. Using a state-of-the-art camera and computer aided software, we will take a detailed image of your tooth. The photo will be uploaded into the computer milling system. With 3D imagery, the computer will create a detailed blueprint of your tooth so that your new crown can be made. Our machine will then begin the quick and advanced milling process.

Following the creation of your crown by our advanced 3D computer system, we will prepare your tooth and place your crown. Your new crown will be securely bonded to the surface of your tooth for long-term protection and an improved appearance.

Pros of Same-Day Crowns

When you choose same-day crowns, you can avoid the often long and bad-tasting teeth and gum impression processes (computer imaging eliminates this step).

Your procedure reaches completion in one visit.

Our program provides technologically advanced accuracy and creates crowns made of natural-looking materials so that your crown matches your teeth.

This process will require less modification of your natural tooth for crown placement so you will have stronger teeth overall.

Our same-day crowns provide long-lasting, durable, and stain resistant results. They will provide at least 5-10 years of protection when cared for properly.

You will have little chair time and no discomfort during your crown creation and application since we can provide you with sedation.

Care for Same-Day Crowns

Caring for same-day crowns is like caring for your natural teeth. Brush and floss between teeth at least twice a day, preferably more. Visit our dentist office for regular professional dental cleanings to remove plaque buildup and bacteria. Don't use same-day crowns to open packaging or bite fingernails. Notify our office if you have night grinding issues so we can provide you with a fitted night guard to prevent damage to your new crowns and to limit grinding.   If you play sports, wear a mouthguard to protect your natural teeth as well as your same-day crowns.

When you choose same-day crowns, you can leave your appointment with newly improved teeth. You will no longer have to endure hours of dental work and several appointments to have your crowns created and placed. You will not have to go home between appointments with temporary crowns over vulnerable teeth. Our system is simple and efficient providing high-quality results. Our customized, permanent ceramic crowns will fit over your tooth without any problems, providing you with beautiful, natural-looking dental improvements.


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