Gentle Kids Dental Fillings for Children of All Ages

Kids' Dental FillingsVisiting a dentist for kids' dental fillings can be frightening for some children, but it does not have to be that way. Many children become overwhelmed by a strange building, new faces, and unusual noises, but when you have a staff who welcomes them with smiles and kind words, the appointment will go much more smoothly. At our office, we provide comprehensive care for children of all ages, which includes white fillings they will not feel embarrassed to have and even mild sedation techniques that will help them relax.

Dental Fillings

No matter how old one's child is, the child is probably sensitive to the opinion of others. Many children still receive silver amalgam fillings when they need a cavity repair and quickly become unhappy with the option. While silver amalgam fillings provide excellent protection against future decay, they can often be unsightly. The silver color of these fillings is a stark contrast against the natural color of teeth, and they are not as attractive or comfortable as more contemporary options, like our white colored kids' dental fillings that blend in perfectly.

A filling is a restorative form of dentistry treatment used to repair a place on a tooth where a dentist removed decay. Fillings can also be used to repair small tooth fractures or discolored areas. Our kids' dental fillings that are white are the best option for all of these purposes, and one's children will be happy with the resulting look. They will not have to worry about other kids making fun of them or even being aware that they have had decay repaired. When a child needs cavity treatment, go with the most natural-looking option to save them from discomfort.

Mild Sedation

If we determine a child is in need of kids' dental fillings or it appears they are overly nervous to even be at our dentist office, we may recommend mild sedation techniques to help them get through their appointment without fear. Our minimal sedation options will allow the child to relax and be happy during their visit, rather than scared or upset. For children, we typically use laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide, through a mask that covers their nose or a liquid cough syrup type of medication.

These methods are more comfortable for children and only produce a light, conscious sedation, during which they can still interact with us and understand our requests for them to open or close their mouth. If the child expresses fear when the topic of visiting a dentist comes up, consider our mild sedation techniques to help get the child the care he or she needs to ensure the mouth remains healthy for years to come.

Bringing your child to the dentist is incredibly important for their dental health and overall health. We can help you visit for regular appointments by providing your child with a setting they trust and will look forward to coming back to in the future. To learn more about kids' dental fillings, call us at (435) 628-9099 or visit today.

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