How Dental Laminates Can Improve Your Oral Health

Dental Laminates St George, UT

Considering getting dental laminates? The following review discusses the oral health benefits of dental laminates to go along with their better-known cosmetic advantages. The primary reason many patients seek dental laminates is to improve the appearance of their smile. However, dental laminates are designed to cover and protect teeth from additional harm, as well.

The oral health benefits of dental laminates

Dental laminates can benefit your oral health by protecting front teeth from dental cavities and repairing minor instances of tooth damage before the issue worsens. Unlike dental veneers, dental laminates do not require the removal of any enamel.

Protect teeth from decay

Dental laminates are placed over the visible surface of front teeth. This protects the enamel on front teeth, which are areas that are often vulnerable to dental cavities. The laminate material is durable and stain-resistant, so the patient can trust that their smile will continue to look great long-term and that their underlying tooth enamel is adequately protected and not vulnerable to stains, damage, or decay.

Repair chips and cracks

Teeth that are chipped or cracked could worsen and lead to the exposure of the root. When this occurs, it could lead to a range of concerns such as an oral infection and the need for root canal therapy. Dental laminates repair chips and cracks and protect damaged teeth from additional harm long-term.

Give patients more of a reason to care for their teeth

Often, simply having a beautiful smile adds more motivation for patients to care for their teeth properly through a consistent brushing routine and regular flossing. Everyone deserves a great smile that makes them proud and gives them more of a reason to take care of their teeth. For many patients, dental laminates do exactly that.

No dental enamel must be removed

Dental veneers require the removal of a small amount of enamel to allow for the proper fit, feel, and appearance. This is not necessary with dental laminates since they are not as thick. Consequently, the dental enamel is protected and the tooth would be less vulnerable to sensitivity if something were to occur to the dental laminate that leaves the tooth exposed.

When are dental laminates typically recommended?

Dental laminates are recommended for patients that want to improve the appearance of their smile or want an attractive restoration for oral health concerns such as damaged enamel or tooth cracks. They are also ideal for patients that do not want any of their enamel shaved off in preparation for the placement of the laminate, and it is often seen as a preferable solution to dental veneers.

Interested in improving your smile with dental laminates?

We recommend dental laminates treatment to patients who are interested in improving the appearance of their smile by addressing minor to moderate cosmetic concerns on front teeth. If you feel as if you may benefit from dental laminates, then we encourage you to schedule a visit with our friendly dental team today.

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