A Root Canal Dentist Can Treat Your Infected Tooth Nerves

Root Canal DentistAs an experienced root canal dentist, we can treat your infected tooth and tooth nerves. Infections can be extremely painful and caused by lingering bacteria that builds up on your teeth and gum line. Regular teeth cleanings, at least twice a year, can safely remove the bacteria so that you don't develop an infection. If it occurs, you will need an experienced dentist to treat the problem before it spreads and becomes worst.

An infected tooth nerve can be extremely painful. Typically, the infection will start in your tooth. When the soft area of your tooth, known as the dental pulp, becomes infected it can cause sensitivity and eventually pain. If it isn't caught in time, the roots running through the center of your tooth can become infected. Bacterial infections are designed to grow so as the infected roots are left in place that infection will spread throughout your root system. This is extremely painful and places many patients in emergency dental situations. Regular teeth examinations can identify potential infections before they become this painful.

As a Root Canal Dentist, we can treat infected teeth and tooth nerves and make it possible for you to keep your natural tooth, instead of having it removed. In a root canal procedure, we start by removing the dental pulp in the center of your tooth. The area is completely cleaned, and the bacteria are removed. During the procedure, we will be able to identify if the nerves are also infected. If they are, we will remove the nerves completely. Your teeth don't need the nerves once they are fully grown. They primarily serve to identify heat and cold but those are not critical functions.

When the dental pulp and roots are removed we will inspect the area to see if there is any lingering bacteria, fractures, or canals that need to be cleaned. Once done, we will place the filling in your tooth and may cap it off with a crown. This procedure enables you to keep your natural teeth, and the procedure itself is far less painful than living with an infection.

It is important to watch for signs of a tooth or nerve infection so that you can treat it immediately before experiencing severe pain. Here are some signs you can watch for.

  • Your tooth becomes dark. If your tooth becomes darker than normal or gets a dark spot, this is typically a sign of infection.
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold that won’t go away. If your teeth hurt while eating ice cream or drinking hot chocolate, and the pain doesn’t go away, this could be a sign of an infection. If your teeth are just naturally sensitive to hot and cold, the pain should stop once the item is removed.
  • Tooth pain when chewing. If your teeth hurt when you eat, you could have a cavity or an infected tooth.
  • Gum swelling. If your gums swell, you could have gum disease or a root infection. Also, watch for a reoccurring pimple on your gums as this is a clear sign of infection.

If you notice, any of these symptoms, call your Root Canal Dentist immediately. It is better to undergo treatment right away than let the infection spread and the pain worsen.

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