Sensitive Teeth Solutions

Find a solution to sensitive teeth issues to end the suffering that health issues like this can cause. Even the simplest everyday activities like brushing your teeth, eating and drinking are likely to cause you either discomfort or pain. Some people have teeth that are so sensitive that even cold air will cause them to feel pain. The fact that having sensitive teeth can get in the way of being able to enjoy your everyday life, making it essential to choose a sensitive tooth solution that works.

Sensitive teeth solutions

The following is a list of solutions available for those you are suffering from sensitive teeth:

  • Desensitizing toothpaste: While it often takes a desensitizing toothpaste a couple of weeks to work, this over-the-counter option can help block any discomfort and pain associated with a sensitive teeth diagnosis.
  • Fluoride: An experienced dentist can apply fluoride to a patient's sensitive tooth areas. This has the purpose of strengthening the tooth's enamel, which is going to reduce any discomfort or pain being experienced.
  • Bonding: If the reason for a patient experiencing tooth sensitivity is due to an exposed root, an experienced dentist can use bonding procedures cover up the exposed root.
  • Root canal: When a tooth is so sensitive that it is causing a patient severe pain, a dentist may recommend performing a root canal on the tooth.
  • Surgical gum graft: When a patient does not have much gum tissue, it means the likely exposure a tooth's roots. An experienced dentist can perform a gum graft procedure to cover any exposed roots, which can reduce any tooth sensitivity.

Sensitive teeth tips

When brushing sensitive teeth, it is necessary to brush the teeth while using a soft-bristled toothbrush gently. After eating foods or drinking drinks that can remove a tooth's enamel, rinse out the mouth thoroughly with water to remove any substances from the food or drinks that can harm the teeth.

Find a solution that meets your needs

Is one of the above sensitive teeth solutions right for you? It is important for you to choose a solution for your sensitive teeth problem so that you no longer have to experience any discomfort or pain on a daily basis. If we can answer any questions that you may still have, please feel free to call us at your earliest convenience. We are always available to take your call us we truly care about your dental health. Hope we will hear from you soon.

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