Tips From Your Dentist to Prevent Halitosis

Halitosis St George, UT

Various things can cause halitosis, and it can affect your personal, professional, and romantic relationships. Fortunately, a dentist can help diagnose the root cause of your bad breath and recommend appropriate steps to combat it.

Simple things that you can do to prevent halitosis

Here are a few things that patients can do to freshen up.

1. Brush twice a day

Bad breath is often caused by the same bacteria that lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Brushing helps reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth and removes the food particles that they can convert into unpleasant smelling gases. The tongue should be thoroughly cleaned during each brushing session because that is where most of the bacteria in the mouth make their home. One of the best times to brush is right before going to bed because it reduces bacteria in the mouth and prevents the remaining ones from consuming food particles to convert into volatile sulfur gases.

2. Floss daily

Bad breath is often caused by food particles stuck between teeth. Some of these food particles can be stuck on teeth for weeks if the patient does not floss regularly, which can lead to a stinky environment in the mouth. As a bonus, regularly flossing also helps protect the teeth against decay and gum disease.

3. Clean soft tissues in the mouth

Patients should make sure to clean their tongue, gums, and other soft tissues in the mouth when brushing their teeth. The bacteria that can cause halitosis can live on any surface in the mouth, so remember to brush the cheeks and gums. Consider purchasing a tongue scraper, as it is more effective than a toothbrush.

4. Be mindful of the things that you consume

Some foods and beverages make the mouth smell worse than others, so watch out for them. For example, drinking coffee often leads to bad breath later in the day. The caffeine in the mouth dries out the mouth, creating conditions favorable to odor-causing bacteria.

Food like fish and onions are other examples of foods that can lead to bad breath. Brush out the mouth after consuming such foods to prevent that from happening.

5. Visit a dentist

A dentist can help diagnose the cause of bad breath. In some cases, it is caused by issues like cavities, tooth infections, or gum disease. Good oral hygiene can only help mask bad breath caused by these issues. Getting treatment is the only permanent way to stop them from ruining how the mouth smells.

Restore your breath

Give us a call or drop by our clinic in St George to learn more about how our dentist can help you to stop halitosis in its tracks.

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