What Happens When You Visit a Dentist for a Dental Checkup?

Dental Checkup St George, UT

Going to the dentist for a Dental Checkup can be frightening and nerve-wracking for some people but it is important to do so regardless. Having a dental checkup at least twice a year or more is a crucial part of maintaining good oral health.

When visiting the dentist for a dental checkup it is important to know what to expect so that any anxieties or fears are lessened prior to and during the visit. Knowing what happens during a dental checkup with a dentist can be helpful to someone who might not know what to expect. Today, we will go over what happens at a dental checkup with a dentist or dental professional, read more below!

Visiting a dentist for a dental checkup

A typical checkup appointment at the dentist consists of a thorough cleaning, an examination and sometimes X-rays or fluoride treatment. While these procedures may sound scary, they are actually simple and routine.


Dental checkups will always involve a cleaning because the dental professional will want to ensure that the teeth are properly cleaned. While most people do know how to clean their teeth well each day, it is often necessary that a dentist does it as well using high-grade professional equipment that can clean areas that might not be reached during daily routines.


A dental professional or dentist will always examine the teeth during a dental checkup. An examination helps to ensure that there aren’t any abnormalities going on with the teeth. Having a dental professional closely examine each of the teeth will allow them to see what condition the teeth are in. Then, they can provide the patient with advice on how to care for their teeth better.


A dental checkup will sometimes involve X-rays being taken of the patient’s mouth and specifically teeth. X-rays allow for the dental professional to see how the teeth are sitting and if they have shifted at all. In some instances, a patient may have to have further work done if the X-rays indicate abnormalities.

Fluoride treatments

Having a fluoride treatment done during a checkup to the dentist is common. These treatments are used to help strengthen the enamel of each tooth and it is important that a dental professional administers them because too much can cause damage.

Fluoride treatments can be administered through rinses or gel trays based on the patient’s desires and a dentist’s recommendations.


Dental checkups are simple and they don’t involve anything painful, but it is important to know what they consist of so that people can feel comfortable by the time their appointment comes around. Most dentist will clean the teeth, examine them closely and often administer fluoride treatments. Sometimes, X-rays may be necessary to have done in order to see what the teeth look like within the mouth.

If you have questions about dental checkups and what happens during one then reach out to our office today. We are happy to help in any way that we can, give us a call or stop in today.

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