4 Dental Solutions for Mildly Crooked Teeth

In the past, having crooked teeth meant you had to wear braces. They can be quite uncomfortable, expensive and difficult to keep clean. These days, there are various ways to straighten your teeth without using traditional braces.

Here are some of the other ways to fix your crooked teeth.

Solutions for crooked teeth

1. Retainers

There are two different types of dental retainers, fixed retainers and removable retainers.

Fixed retainers attach to the inner surface of your teeth with dental cement, preventing your teeth from shifting. They help straighten out your teeth and correct your bite. Fixed retainers work over a long period, and you cannot remove them while they are in place.

Removable retainers are formed to the shape of your mouth using a dental impression. They can be made for both the upper and lower arches of your mouth and are very effective in straightening your teeth. Since they are removable, you can take them off when you go out in public and put them back on when you get home.

2. Palatal expanders

Professionals usually recommend these for children whose mouths are not big enough for their adult teeth. Expanders are also used to help adults with crossbites and arch constriction as well. The expanders widen the arch of the upper teeth, creating space for the teeth to move into their natural positions.

The palatal expander is secured to the upper teeth using dental cement. The dentist turns a screw in the middle of the expander, placing pressure on both sides of the upper jaw. This increases the width of the mouth slowly.

3. Dental veneers

Veneers are not only used to brighten your smile, but they are also one of the many solutions for crooked teeth. However, they are considered a cosmetic solution because they hide imperfections and do not straighten your teeth.

If you have a gap between your teeth, veneers can bond to your teeth to close the gap. For more serious concerns like crowded teeth, you might want to use other options because simply covering it up could lead to more severe problems down the line.

4. Clear aligners

Clear, plastic aligners are one of the most popular solutions for crooked teeth because they are almost invisible. You can wear them in public without being self-conscious, which is great for the working professional. They are also more comfortable than traditional, metal braces because they consist of plastic.

Since they are removable, aligners are easy to clean. You do not have to worry about getting food particles stuck in them because you can take them out before you eat. Even though they are removable, dentists recommend that you keep them on as much as possible to get the maximum benefit.


Braces have been very useful in straightening out teeth over the years, but having crooked teeth does not mean you have to go the traditional route. There are many solutions for crooked teeth, so talk to your dentist or orthodontist about what works best for you.

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