4 Tips for Keeping Your Dentures White

Dentures And Partial Dentures St George, UT Dentures restore your smile when you have missing teeth, and they also restore the lost function of those teeth. Dentures are an affordable solution for people who have lost most of their teeth, and there are partial dentures for people who are only missing a few teeth. Getting dentures does not require surgery or any other invasive procedures. The dentist simply takes an impression of the patient’s mouth and sends it to a lab where oral prostheses like dentures are made.

Keeping your dentures white

The artificial teeth that come with dentures start pearly white, but just as is the case with real teeth, they pick up stains and discoloration over time. They can be stained by the coloring agents in foods and beverages, like pasta sauce and coffee. The artificial teeth can also be stained by habits like smoking. One of the reasons that people get dentures is to restore the appearance of their smile, so they would prefer not to have stained dentures. Fortunately, keeping dentures looking pearly white is simple because they can be removed and soaked in solutions that break up stains. Here are a few things that denture wearers can do to keep their prosthesis white and shiny.

1. Whiten with baking soda

Baking soda helps whiten real teeth and can do the same for the artificial teeth of dentures. It is an inexpensive household item that works well when it comes to getting rid of stains and discoloration. Simply dab baking soda on a wet toothbrush, and gently brush the artificial teeth with the paste. A soft-bristled toothbrush should be used to avoid damaging the prosthesis. Thoroughly rinse the appliance afterward to remove any remnants of baking soda. Cleaning dentures with baking soda also helps remove odors.

2. Soak it in a salt-water solution

Soaking dentures in a salt-water solution helps disinfect them, and it also has a whitening effect. Simply add salt to a cup of water that is large enough to keep the prosthesis fully submerged in the solution. The dentures should be left in the solution overnight.

3. Clean dentures after consuming foods/beverages that stain

Foods and beverages like red wine and beets can leave real or artificial teeth with unsightly stains. It is best to keep consumption of such foods to a minimum, and dentures should be cleaned after consuming things that can stain them. Doing this consistently can help keep stains and discoloration away.

4. Use cleaning tablets

Denture wearers should also use cleaning tablets that are designed specifically for cleaning and whitening dentures. These products are available at drug stores and grocery stores and usually involve soaking dentures in a solution overnight.

Keeping dentures clean is easy

Follow the tips listed above, and you will not find it difficult to keep your dentures pearly white. Call or visit our St George clinic for more tips on how to clean and whiten dentures. Request an appointment here: https://www.stgeorgedentalcare.com or call St. George Dental Care at (435) 628-9099 for an appointment in our St George office. Check out what others are saying about our dental services on Yelp: Dentures in St George, UT.

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