When Would Dentures Be a Dentist’s Recommendation?

Dentures And Partial Dentures St George, UT

Nobody looks forward to getting dentures, but it often becomes necessary at some point in life. Although wearing dentures is not required, failing to maintain your dental health may raise your risk of needing this dental restoration. Continue reading to learn some of the indications that might cause a dentist to recommend dentures.

The need for dentures

Patients who are experiencing the following symptoms can expect the dentist to recommend getting dentures:

Severe teeth decay

If patients get toothaches that do not go away, they may have tooth decay. Severe toothaches occur when decay reaches the pulp within a tooth. By seeking professional assistance early enough, the dentist may perform interventive treatment like a root canal to preserve the teeth, prevent any loss, and avoid the need for dentures or dental implants.

Severe gum disease

Gum disease is diagnosed when the gums become sensitive, swollen, and red. Gum disease, often known as gingivitis, may be readily cured in its early stages by practicing good dental hygiene. Gum disease may be treated using mouthwash and prescription toothpaste in its early stages. The longer the disease goes untreated, the more the gums and other supporting tissues deteriorate, and the teeth will ultimately be lost. The sooner patients visit the dentist for gum disease treatment, the more likely they avoid needing dentures.

Loose or shifting teeth

When the teeth move or become loose in the mouth, one may be on the verge of needing dentures. Periodontal disease or tooth decay is the most common cause of loose teeth. Since most cases of this tooth decay occur below the gum line, it is often difficult to tell. Tooth decay or periodontal disease has progressed if there are loose teeth and widening gaps between teeth. Patients need to see the dentist as soon as they discover these symptoms. It might still be possible to save your teeth.

Difficulties with digestion or chewing

Patients who experience pain while eating (especially with chewy or hard foods should visit the dentist for a dental examination. Tooth decay is indicated by pain when chewing. Chronic indigestion should be looked into as a potential sign of tooth decay. As chewing becomes more difficult, there is a higher chance of swallowing larger chunks of food.

Multiple damaged teeth

Trauma to the teeth can result in severely broken teeth. When the teeth are lost or too damaged to be saved, the dentist will recommend replacing them with dentures. The replacement procedure should happen as soon as possible because the longer they wait to replace them, the higher the risks of developing other dental health problems.

Final note

Damaged or missing teeth should be replaced as soon as possible, else the jawbone may deteriorate. Taking good care of your oral health through oral hygiene and regular dental appointments can help minimize the chances of losing teeth and needing dentures. If you experience teeth loss, you should visit the dentist to discuss potential replacement options.

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