7 Benefits of Healthy Dental Care

Dental CareDental care does not require much time and effort; still, it has numerous health benefits. As an old saying goes prevention is better than cure, regular dental care is definitely cheaper, easier and less time consuming than getting treatment for gum and teeth diseases.

Dental care includes brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, using mouthwash after every meal, limiting sugary food and visiting your dentist after every 6 months.

Health Benefits of Dental Care:

A healthy mouth results in a healthy body, likewise a germ infested mouth and unhealthy teeth may cause deadly diseases. For example, cardiac arrest, mouth cancers or tumors, dementia, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Save teeth:

Taking proper dental care keeps your teeth healthy and strong; they stay firmly seated in the gum and they don't undergo erosion.

Clean teeth make your smile brighter and your mouth smelling fresh.

Prevents gum disease:

Periodontal diseases such as gingivitis are caused due to the bacterial build up over teeth, which slowly erodes outer layers of a tooth forming cavities. When cavities grow large it starts infecting the root. Decaying root weakens the gums, yellow sticky fluid pus begins to accumulate between teeth and gum causing swelling and pain. To treat this condition proper root canal treatment is required, which requires several visits to the dentist and a lot of money.

Prevent heart diseases:

If gum bacterial infections in the mouth are not treated on time, the bacteria may reach the bloodstream and travel in the body with blood. These bacteria can even reach the heart through the bloodstream and may even cause heart attack.

Gum diseases and rheumatoid arthritis:

At this point scientists are not sure which disease causes which, but there is a serious connection between the two. Bacterium causing periodontitis increases the severity of rheumatoid arthritis, and is responsible for its onset too.

Prevents dementia:

It has been studied, that keeping your teeth clean has a connection with a sharp brain; proper dental care reduces the chances of getting dementia by a third.

Saves you from infertility:

Periodontitis in men and women can affect their fertility greatly; women with gum disease are more likely to conceive later than women with healthy teeth, it is also associated to low birth weight and premature birth. Moreover, 80% of men who suffer erectile dysfunction are found to have gum disease. Scientists blame it on a hormone secreted by periodontitis causing bacteria.

Saves money in the long run:

Regular dental checkups are not heavy on budget, you dentist keep an eye on the condition of your teeth and on the many warning signs of dangerous diseases that appear first in your mouth.

What’s the bottom line?

Taking care of dental health does not only ensure bright smile and strong teeth, it can also save you from a lot diseases.

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The Correlation Between Gum Disease and Dementia


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