How Allergies Can Affect Your Teeth

TeethThe health of your teeth is probably not at the forefront of your mind when allergy season arrives. The unfortunate truth is allergies really can negatively impact the teeth as well as the gums. Here is an in-depth look at how allergies affect oral health.

Why Allergies Sometimes Cause Tooth Pain

When the immune system combats dust and pollen, sinus pain often results. The hollow portions of the head fill with mucus, spurring pain. The largest sinuses, known as the maxillary sinuses, are positioned above the mouth. The human body generates an abundance of mucus in an attempt to eliminate allergens from the body. Yet this excess mucus allows uncomfortable pressure to build up within the head and the face. Pressure gradually builds within the sinuses that pushes down on the roots of the upper molars. Such pressure has the potential to cause a painful toothache. This pain can be partially alleviated with an antihistamine.

You can tell if you have sinus or dental pain by determining if the area around your nasal passages/forehead hurt. If there is pain in these areas as well as the teeth, it is likely the result of spring allergies or another type of allergy. If the pain persists after taking an antihistamine, do not hesitate to lean on your dentist for assistance.

Allergies can Cause Dry Mouth

Allergies can lead to dry mouth in several different ways. If you are congested, you are more inclined to breathe through your mouth. If you take an antihistamine for your allergies, dry mouth can result. Dry mouth heightens the odds of cavities, gum disease as well as halitosis. One of the primary purposes of saliva is to rinse away that nasty bacteria that can compromise your oral health. Dry mouth really is the ideal environment for bacteria to multiply and cause cavities.

The bottom line is a dry mouth should not be ignored. If you notice your mouth is especially dry, it is cause for concern. This is especially true for those who suffer from pollen allergies, hay fever or other sensitivities. The last thing you want is for dry mouth to cause additional oral health problems like tooth decay. When in doubt, reach out to your dentist to determine if your tooth pain is indeed caused by dry mouth or another cause.

Even a Sore Throat is Cause for Concern

If you have allergies that lead to a sore throat, there is the potential for significant tooth pain. This statement might seem hard to believe yet it is completely true. Countless people have endured significant tooth pain caused by sore throats. A sore throat caused by allergies will make you feel as though the lymph nodes have swollen. Such swelling can lead to significant dental pain. Furthermore, post-nasal drip also has the potential to make it feel as though your teeth are aching.

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