Why Regular Dental Visits Are Important

Dental VisitRegular dental check-ups are essential as they keep the gums and teeth as healthy as possible. Visiting the dentist once every year or two does not count as a regular dental check-up. Meeting with the dentist every six months qualifies as a regular dental check-up.

Here is a look at what happens during a regular visit and why they are so important.

Why Regular Dental Check-ups are Necessary

Visit the dentist every six months or at the frequency recommended by your dentist and your teeth will look, feel and function better. The dentist or dental hygienist performs a full check-up, examination, and cleaning. The dental professional will take a close look at your teeth for cavities. It might be necessary to take x-rays to determine if cavities are located in between your teeth.

The exam portion of your dental visit includes an analysis of tartar and plaque on the teeth. Plaque is a sticky and translucent bacterial film. If plaque is left in place, it will harden and form into tartar. Regular flossing and brushing are not enough to eliminate tartar. If tartar and plaque are allowed to build up on the teeth, they have the potential to lead to serious oral diseases.

The dentist will then examine your gums. A special tool is necessary to gauge the depth of the spaces between the gums and teeth. If your gums are healthy, the spaces below them will be shallow. If gum disease is present, these spaces might become especially deep. The dental check-up will also include an analysis of your tongue, throat, neck, head, and face to determine if there are signs of cancer.

How to Make Your Dental Visits Quicker and Cheaper

Wouldn't it be nice to spend as little time as possible in the dentist's chair? Though you should adhere to a schedule of dental visits every six months unless your dentist states otherwise, the time you spend in the total chair can be minimized if you stick to a regular schedule of dental visits. Furthermore, you will spend less on dental treatments and procedures if you follow a regimented oral health routine each morning and evening. Brush and floss at least twice per day. If possible, floss and brush after each meal. Always use a toothpaste containing fluoride. Mouthwash will also help reduce plaque bacteria and keep your breath as fresh as possible.

Skip Your Scheduled Dental Visit at Your Own Peril

Dentists perform a comprehensive examination of the teeth to pinpoint signs of tooth decay. However, this decay won't be noted in a timely manner if you skip your regularly scheduled dental visit. If the decayed portion can't be removed at an early stage, the chances of a dental infection and an even more serious procedure will skyrocket. It is much easier to have your oral health problem tended to before it worsens to the point where you have to have a procedure like a root canal performed.

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