A Guide to Caring for Your Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Invisalign St George, UT If you have dental misalignment issues, you can get Invisalign® clear aligners to correct the position of your teeth. The clear aligners are transparent, which makes them hard to detect on the teeth. As an Invisalign® user, you need to learn how to care for the aligners to keep them looking good and prevent bad breath and other oral health issues.

Maintaining Invisalign® aligners

The following are vital tips for caring for Invisalign clear aligners:

Remember to rinse after taking them off

Those who have clear aligners will need to take them off before eating.  In this case, they need to rinse the aligner trays immediately. It is advisable not to postpone the process. The mouth is home to millions of bacteria, and each time patients wear their aligners, there is a risk of transferring the same bacteria onto the aligners. Without cleaning the trays, the bacteria build up on them and reintroducing bacteria into the mouth.

Clean Invisalign trays with lukewarm water only

Extreme temperatures can cause warping or deformation of the plastic used for making the aligners. Patients should avoid using cold or hot water to clean their removable clear aligners. It is advisable to use water at room temperature or talk to the dentist about getting a suitable cleaning solution. Invisalign cleaning crystals are available for cleaning the trays.

Clean the mouth before wearing the aligners

The bacteria in the mouth are resilient – their number can reduce after brushing or flossing, but they do not disappear completely. This explains why the mouth feels fresh after cleaning the teeth but gradually changes. Patients need to brush and floss their teeth before putting on their aligner trays. Poor oral hygiene can cause oral health issues that can potentially prolong the teeth straightening process.

Keep the clear aligners away from abrasive materials

Toothpaste and cleaning solutions with harsh ingredients can abrade plastic material, meaning they can damage the aligner trays. Using toothpaste will scratch the surface and dull the luster of the aligners. The tiny scratches can make the aligners more visible and uncomfortable to wear. Also, avoid soaking the aligners in mouthwash, as that may cause discoloration. When the trays are outside the mouth, they should be stored in a case for protection.

Avoid eating or drinking with the trays on

Anything other than water should be avoided when the trays are on the teeth. Otherwise, the drinks and foods will damage or discolor the Invisalign trays. Food debris can get trapped around the aligners and the teeth, which encourage the build-up of plaque or tartar on the teeth. Before eating or taking colored drinks, patients must remember to take off the aligners first.

In conclusion

With the tips provided in this article, you should be able to clean and care for your aligners without hassle. The proper maintenance of the Invisalign clear aligners is important for a successful treatment outcome. If you have misaligned teeth, you can request an appointment with the dentist to discuss your options. Request an appointment here: https://www.stgeorgedentalcare.com or call St. George Dental Care at (435) 628-9099 for an appointment in our St George office. Check out what others are saying about our dental services on Yelp: Invisalign in St George, UT.

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