What Is Pain Free Laser Dentistry?

Laser Dentistry St George, UT

You may have heard about laser dentistry as an alternative to traditional treatment and care. These techniques are gaining interest and popularity among patients of all ages. These methods can address a variety of needs and issues. The results can improve your oral health and help you feel good about the way you look. It can be helpful to learn more about what these procedures entail. Your dentist will also talk to you about what you can expect from these practices.

The reality of dental anxiety

It is no secret that many people — children, teens, and adults — fear going to the dentist’s office. The thought of feeling discomfort and pain can make patients feel nervous. Some people may even avoid making and keeping appointments. This can lead to serious oral health conditions, such as tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth and bone loss. Laser dentistry offers treatment and maintenance in a pain-free way. People who experience these techniques are less likely to have these feelings of anxiety.

An overview of laser dentistry

This type of dental practice is just what it sounds like. In it, the dentist will use lasers to do restorative care and maintenance. Patients will not have to worry about tools such as drills and other metal instruments in their mouth. This provides a more comfortable solution to a variety of needs. The use of lasers also enables the dentist to complete procedures more effectively and accurately than with other means.

Benefits of using lasers

One of the biggest appeals that laser dentistry offers is that there is little or no pain or discomfort with it. Patients who have anxiety about dental procedures can have peace of mind knowing this. The procedures are less invasive, too, and have a faster healing time. The use of lasers will result in less bleeding. Also, many patients do not need stitches for certain procedures that would otherwise require them. These methods are also less likely to disrupt tissue surrounding the procedure site.

Typical procedures

Laser dentistry is common in many types of dental processes. The dentist can use lasers on teeth and on soft tissue, such as gums. This type of dentistry is useful for identifying cavities and getting teeth ready for fillings. The dentist may not have to use anesthetic with these techniques. Lasers also work well for gum reshaping and getting rid of tissue folds. The dentist may use this method in teeth whitening to activate the bleaching agents.

Good candidates

Patients of all ages can benefit from laser dentistry. A consultation with the dentist will help the individual determine whether it is right for them. The dentist will consider the person’s needs and goals. Young patients, in particular, should consider treatment with lasers.

A different, pain-free way of achieving good oral health

Regular dental checkups are vital for your wellness. Do not let the fear of pain and invasive procedures get in your way. Thanks to laser dentistry, you can get the smile you want and enjoy feeling well again. Talk to your dentist today about getting this type of treatment.

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