Laser Teeth Whitening – The Number and Length of Sessions

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Patients may seek a teeth whitening system to look younger, healthier, and to show off a more vibrant smile. The number and length of laser teeth whitening sessions a patient needs to undergo depends on the original color of the teeth, the desired result, and the patient’s overall oral health.

Why should patients consider laser teeth whitening?

Patients nowadays have many options for changing the color of natural teeth. Some may opt for a do-it-yourself method that utilizes various strips or trays that are placed on the teeth for a designated amount of time, while others choose to visit a dentist for a professional-level whitening experience. Though the cost may be higher for the patient visiting a dentist for one to three (or more) whitening sessions, the results of laser whitening can be dramatically superior to at-home methods. Professional whitening targets all of the patient’s teeth, while over-the-counter kits may not reach the teeth in the very back of the patient's mouth. Additionally, the gel used in OTC kits is typically not as strong as the product one would find in a licensed dentist’s office.

Laser teeth whitening is a safe and effective option for patients who want to whiten every tooth in a short amount of time. Some patients even notice a difference after one laser session! In addition to the convenience of the short appointment times, patients can complete all of the whitening in-office — which means that trays, whitening gel, and other accessories often do not need to be transported to the patient’s home and back unless the patient wishes to keep some on hand for quick touch-ups.

What is the typical number and length of each whitening session?

Patients with deeply stained teeth can expect to spend a longer amount of time undergoing laser teeth whitening treatment than those who only want to whiten teeth a shade or two. The dentist will use a combination of hydrogen peroxide gel, which is painted onto the patient’s teeth, and light to break down the surface stains on the patient’s teeth.

Number of sessions

Dental professionals manage the whitening process in different ways. Some schedule the patient for three to four back-to-back whitening sessions, which would make the overall appointment time about an hour long. Others may schedule patients for sessions on different days, especially if the patient has sensitive teeth or a complicated schedule.

Length of sessions

Overall, patients can expect an appointment time of about one hour to 90 minutes before seeing results. The sessions are usually broken up into four 15-minute periods of using the laser on teeth. During the first two sessions, the laser can to remove the stains closest to the surface. The last two sessions, if the patient chooses to complete more extensive laser teeth whitening, can penetrate the tooth to remove stains that are under the patient’s enamel.


Laser teeth whitening is a great option for patients who want to see fast and dramatic changes to the color of teeth as well as those who do not want to do the majority of the whitening process at home. Contact a licensed dentist today to see if using this method is right for your teeth.

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