The Benefits of a Partial Denture for One Missing Tooth

The Benefits of a Partial Denture for One Missing Tooth from St. George Dental Care in St George, UTIf you are looking for a tooth replacement method, you may want to consider a partial denture for one missing tooth. Although it may be tempting not to replace a tooth, especially if the gap is in the back and is hard to see, there are various consequences of not doing so. Although there are different replacement options, a partial denture is beneficial in a number of ways.

Importance of replacing a missing tooth

Even though it is just one tooth, detrimental things can happen if you do not replace it. Every tooth plays a part in chewing, so missing one can affect how you chew your food. Your bite can also shift from having a gap in the teeth.

Over time, the teeth adjacent to the gap begin to move into the space. This causes misalignments, and the teeth that shift may begin to loosen. The misalignments may make it harder to clean the teeth and gums, which can eventually lead to decay and infection. A missing tooth also affects the jawbone, which may begin to lose some of its density. Although missing a tooth can decrease your confidence because you do not love your smile, your appearance may be altered further by not filling in the gap. After a while, the loss of the jawbone may even change your facial structure.

Benefits of a partial denture for one missing tooth

A partial denture is one of the options for tooth replacement. When considering what you should do, keep the following benefits in mind.


A partial denture is less expensive than most of the alternatives. The fact that you are only replacing one tooth also brings down the cost.

Less invasive

Some of the tooth-replacement options require multiple visits and surgery. It can also take months to complete the procedure. A partial denture for one missing tooth is not invasive. It may require a couple of visits for the fitting and fabrication of the replacement tooth, but it is an easy and relatively quick method.

Variety of materials available

Even when it comes to partial dentures, you have options: metal, acrylic, or flexible. Metal is the most common, and it consists of a thin metal base with either metal clasps or precision attachments, which are more aesthetically pleasing. Acrylic dentures have a pink base with metal clasps. The flexible type is hypoallergenic and consists of a lightweight base that fits over the gum tissues. The clasps are gum-colored, so they blend in better with your natural teeth.

Versatile fit options

A partial denture is often chosen as a permanent replacement option. However, it can also be temporary. Because of their affordability, some people choose partial dentures to fill in the gap while they decide between other alternatives.

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To maintain healthy teeth, gums and jawbone, you may decide on a partial denture for one missing tooth. Your dentist can discuss the procedure in more detail and help you determine if it is the right option for your situation. Request an appointment or call St. George Dental Care at 435-628-9099 for an appointment in our St George office.

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