Gum Disease: 5 Reasons to Not Avoid Dealing with the Issue


Gum disease is seen as something that is not that big of an issue. Many people tend to see it as something that is a minor issue, that they can blow off, and leave alone. Gum diseases are very serious and can be extremely harmful to the mouth as a whole. 

Why you shouldn't avoid dealing with gum disease

Here are 5 different reasons why no one should ever ignore the signs of gum disease:

1. It starts small

Gum disease is not something that comes about automatically and naturally. It starts extremely small, with minimal warning. Some of the early signs of gum disease are such things like:

  • Bad breath that won’t go away
  • Sensitive or loose teeth
  • Red or swollen gums

These are just a few of the signs that can inform a person that they are at the beginning stages of gum disease and that they should get it checked out as soon as possible.

2. It can escalate quickly

Although it may seem quite small and non-problematic, avoiding gum disease signs can lead to some serious problems. Simple things such as sensitive or loose teeth and red gums can lead to gingivitis. Gingivitis occurs in the early stages of the problem. Symptoms include more pronounced swollen gums and much more sensitive teeth. The ease of bleeding is much higher as well, the gums are likely to bleed during simple tasks such as teeth brushing. 

3. It can have many beginnings

Not all of the gum diseases comes from poor care of the gums. Some of the other reasons that gum diseases could start are as simple as:

  • Stress
  • Substance abuse
  • Systemic disease and conditions
  • HIV

While some of these diseases do not directly cause gum diseases, they all can relate. 

4. Periodontitis can cause long-term problems

If these symptoms are not treated properly, the gingivitis can easily turn into a hard onset of Periodontitis. Periodontitis is considered to be an excessive onset of Gingivitis, with the bacteria and buildup from plaque able to sink in and get below the gumline. As this happens, the bacteria from the buildup then begins to corrode and infect the rest of the gums.

5. Replacing teeth comes at a great expense

As stated before, Periodontitis can be an extremely painful and a problematic issue of the gums. What has not been stated just yet is that, with the infection and rotting of the gums, the teeth are easily susceptible to becoming weak, and even falling out. If this happens, some people may want to get them replaced with fake teeth, which can work up quite a bill. As such, saving themselves the trouble of getting fake teeth by simply taking care of their gums and teeth is highly advisable.


Avoiding the dentist when a gum disease is forming within the mouth can be very dangerous to the overall oral health as well as the general health of the body. Gum diseases can progress quickly and if left untreated, can cause lifelong damage to the mouth. 

Visit the dentist as soon as symptoms are showing that a gum disease is forming. 

If you have more questions about gum diseases and why they are important to treat, then give us a call today.

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