How Long is the Procedure for a Partial Denture for One Missing Tooth?

How Long is the Procedure for a Partial Denture for One Missing Tooth? from St. George Dental Care in St George, UTReceiving a partial denture for one missing tooth can open up your life. A smile you love can help you feel confident on multiple levels. The procedure for receiving partial dentures is divided over several appointments.

Procedure for a partial denture for one tooth

The process of crafting a quality partial denture takes several steps. Most general dentists are equipped to handle this procedure.

1. Initial exam

Your dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth to check your overall oral health. This exam may include a screening and a check of your mouth's soft tissues and gums as well as your remaining teeth. Your dentist may also take X-rays. In addition, sometimes additional tests help dentists determine the health of your entire mouth. Such tests may include checks for swelling and looseness. This visit is important so that your dentist has a thorough knowledge of your oral condition before the process begins.

2. Models and first impressions

Your dentist may create a wax study model to be sure of the exact size needed so that your partial denture for one missing tooth will fit correctly. When getting a partial denture, first impressions do matter. Your dentist also will make impressions of your teeth, a sort of three-dimensional snapshot of your mouth.

3. Measurements

The next visit will probably focus on measuring and perhaps making a second impression. Your dentist will assess your bite pattern and take measurements. Your dentist may want to take a second impression. Second impressions can sometimes help ensure your partial denture fits well. Dentists may use different types of materials to take impressions. Your dentist will focus on getting accurate impressions to send to a lab for production. Denture creation in a lab is behind-the-scenes work for most patients.

4. First fitting

When your partial denture is ready, your dentist will give you the first fitting. Getting used to a new denture may take a little time. Most dentists offer advice and information on how to care for new dentures.

5. Adjustments

One to two additional appointments for adjustments helps ensure your partial denture for one missing tooth fits properly. A partial denture that does not fit well could make chewing and speaking difficult and cause sores to form. It might also create other oral problems in the future. Therefore, your dentist will take time to ensure that the fit is right for you. Overall, the entire procedure usually takes about one month.

Adjustments over time

A partial denture that fits well is not a static appliance. Adjustments may be needed in the future to ensure that your denture continues to fit correctly.

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As with a full set of dentures, a partial denture for one missing tooth can help preserve oral health and increase your overall quality of life. Most general dentists are experienced in fitting and adjusting dentures. A beautiful smile helps you chew and speak with ease as well as boosts overall confidence.

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