Why Tooth Jackets Are Important

Tooth JacketTooth jacket crowns are best described as complete porcelain ceramic crowns that cover and protect the full surface of the tooth. The crown is shaped just like the tooth. It serves as a protective cover over a broken, chipped or missing tooth. Crowns bolster tooth strength when the leftover tooth structure is no longer capable of supporting the filling. The crown is enhanced with cement to improve tooth structure as well as oral aesthetics.

Why Jacket Crowns are Used

Jacket crowns are favored for a litany of reasons. For one, jacket crowns do not rust. The typical black gum spotted around porcelain connected to metal crowns does not occur as the material in question is a robust ceramic. Furthermore, you will not feel those cold and hot sensations that occur with other types of crowns as there is no electrical conduction. These protective caps serve as a covering over a damaged tooth. Their purpose is to permanently restore the tooth for optimal aesthetics and functionality. There is no worry over corrosion or a black gum line that sometimes occurs near porcelain fused metal crowns. The rigid ceramic material proves incredibly protective across posterity.

Jacket Crowns are Especially Helpful for Anterior Teeth

Jacket crowns are often used on anterior teeth for multiple reasons. For one, they match the natural tooth's translucency. Furthermore, the jacket crown provides permanent restoration, allowing for beautiful and highly functional teeth that can withstand the chewing process.

The Tooth Jacket Crown Procedure

The placement of a tooth jacket commences with an initial consultation along with an x-ray. The teeth are then prepared. An impression is taken. This procedure requires the removal of portions of the natural tooth structure to permit the placement of the crown. The temporary crown is fitted while the permanent crown is built from the original tooth's impression. The temporary crown is subsequently removed so the customized tooth jacket crown can protect the tooth's full surface.

Crowns are the optimal means of rebuilding teeth that are weakened or broken by large or decayed fillings. Crowns are positioned over the leftover portion of the tooth to provide nearly the same contour, shape and strength of a regular tooth. Crowns will also reshape, whiten and realign existing teeth. They look like regular teeth so don't be concerned about aesthetics. You will be able to talk, laugh, eat and socialize without any concern about how your teeth appear.

Are you a Candidate for Tooth Jackets?

If you have a chipped, broken, unsightly or an otherwise damaged tooth, do not assume you have to live with this oral health issue for the rest of your life. Be proactive by asking your dentist about how a tooth jacket can help enhance your oral health and the look of your smile. You just might find a tooth jacket is an optimal solution for your unique oral health needs. Your dentist will analyze your unique mouth, determine if a tooth jacket is appropriate and help you make a well-informed decision.

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