What Does a Toothache mean?

ToothacheThe pain caused by a toothache can prove unbearable. Teeth feel painful for a variety of reasons, from cold/hot temperatures to pressure from grinding, clenching, chewing and beyond.

Below, we take a look at what a toothache means for your oral health and what can be done to remedy the pain.

Sharp Pain

If you feel a sharp pain in your mouth when biting a hard piece of food only to feel relief when the pressure is alleviated, it is an indication there is a cracked tooth. This crack has likely moved beneath the surface. Such a crack must be cut and filled. It is also possible to crown the tooth to prevent pressure from being placed on the crack. If you have tooth pain from food or beverages that are cold, sour or sweet, it is a sign the nerve endings are along the surface. This portion of the tooth must be covered. The dentist has a wide variety of treatment methods that hinge on your unique circumstance.

If the pain stems from the site of an old filling, it is an indication the seal between the tooth and seal is broken down and fluids are leaking along the side of the filling. If this is the case, it is time for a new filling. If the portion of the tooth by the gum line is tender when pressure is applied during brushing, there is a good chance toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth will remedy the issue.

A Broken Tooth or a Tooth With a Hole in It

If the tooth is broken or has a hole, visit with your dentist as soon as possible. You should meet with your dentist even if the broken tooth does not cause pain. A broken tooth is an indication the nerve is inflamed due to irritation from proximity to the surface or due to a bacterial infection. It will be exposed to numerous irritants unless you visit your dentist without delay.

Considerable Pain Without an Obvious Reason

If the toothache pain is incredibly strong and seems to have come out of nowhere without any clear reason, there is likely an abscess. Abscesses are pockets of puss positioned along the end of the root. The pus builds up, creating pressure that induces pain. The pain decreases when the pus is no longer within the bone. However, the pus is able to move out. The puss moves into the mouth through a small opening known as a draining fistula. It drains to the mouth, the flesh of the face or the nasal sinus. Meet with your dentist as soon as possible to have your abscess treated.

Pain in Various Portions of the Mouth

If you have pain in several teeth, it is a sign you are grinding or clenching your teeth as a result of stress. If you can't control this stress, an occlusal adjustment or bruxism guard may reduce the pain. Visit with your dentist to determine the appropriate treatment for your toothache.

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