How a Loose Tooth Can Be Treated by a Same Day Dentist

Same Day Dentist St George, UT

A same day dentist is a dentist that offers same day services for issues such as a damaged tooth, a loose tooth, or a tooth that is knocked out of the socket. A same day dentist may be able to restore the health of a loose tooth and stabilize it back in the socket on a single dental visit.

Reviewing loose tooth treatments from a same day dentist

A same day dentist can assess the cause of a loose tooth and provide a treatment recommendation and provide the necessary treatment on the same day in many cases. The following review discusses how a same day dentist can treat a loose tooth on one visit and what options are available if a second visit is required.

Determining the cause of a loose tooth

The first thing a same day dentist does is examine the condition of the tooth and determine why it is loose. There are various reasons why a tooth may be loose, including issues with periodontal health and dental trauma. If the issue is related to dental trauma, then the same day dentist may be able to address the concern in a single visit, whereas issues such as periodontitis that lead to a loose tooth are more complex.

How a loose tooth can be treated on the same day

If a loose tooth can be fixed without more complex procedures (i.e. pocket reduction surgery), then the same day dentist may recommend treating it in several ways, including:

  • Same day crown
  • Dental filling
  • Dental bridge

Same day crowns are often the recommended solution for teeth that are damaged by bruxism (teeth grinding while asleep) and other forms of dental trauma. Same day dentists can use CAD/CAM technology to customize the ceramic (tooth-colored) crowns in a single dental visit.

When a loose tooth cannot be treated

If a loose tooth cannot be treated in a single visit, then the dentist can put together a treatment plan to address the concern. For example, teeth that are loose due to periodontal concerns (i.e. deep gum pockets, gum recession, and bone loss in the jaw) may need more extensive treatment. However, teeth replacement in the form of a dental bridge may only take one dental visit.

Caring for teeth after loose tooth treatment

The same day dentist may provide instructions on how to care for a tooth after treatment, along with how to prevent additional teeth from becoming loose. This should include how to practice good oral hygiene on a consistent basis and how often it is recommended to visit the dentists for a check-up and dental cleaning.

Get in touch with our same day dentist

Our same day dentist may be able to save your loose tooth from becoming lost or causing additional complications. If you have a loose tooth (or other concerns with your teeth or gums) then call our dental practice today to schedule a convenient time to come in for an examination and same day treatment.

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