Same Day Dentistry: Composite Bonding for a Cracked Tooth

Same Day Dentistry St George, UT

If a tooth is cracked, composite bonding is offered as a same day dentistry procedure to restore the tooth’s structure. When accidents occur, the first thing on your mind would likely be getting a quick solution, especially if severe discomfort occurs. Dental bonding is the application of composite resin to the tooth’s surface to repair damages. This simple, inexpensive dental procedure is completed in a single dental appointment.

The application of composite bonding in same day dentistry

Composite bonding serves many purposes in same day dentistry. It is often used to correct a chipped or cracked tooth. It may also work for closing large gaps between teeth, alter the shape or size of the tooth to improve its appearance. Sometimes, the dentist might use bonding to cover the exposed root of the tooth after the gum recedes.

First, the dentist will use a shade guide to choose the shade of resin that is the closest match to the color of the tooth. Before applying the bonding, the surface of the tooth will be roughened, and a conditioning layer is applied to improve the adherence of the bonding material to the tooth’s surface.

After preparing the tooth, the dentist will apply the putty-like resin material to the tooth and shape it as desired. The composite material is hardened with ultraviolet light or laser. After the resin sets over the tooth, the dentist will apply finishing touches like shaping or polishing the tooth until it shines like the rest of the teeth.

The composite bonding process typically takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete. The duration depends on the number of teeth that need repair, but patients can be sure of leaving the dental office with a better-looking smile. The tooth bonding process hardly requires anesthesia, which means that patients can resume normal activities almost immediately after the dental appointment.

The risks of composite bonding

The drawback of using composite bonding to repair a cracked tooth is that it is not as strong as the natural tooth. There is a risk of damage and breakage if exposed to unnecessary force. Patients are advised to avoid bad oral habits such as chewing on hard objects like ice or pens because that can damage the restored tooth.

Caring for a bonding tooth

The lifespan of the composite bonding depends on the extent of the treatment and the patient’s oral habits. Therefore it is vital to provide adequate care for the teeth. The composite material is susceptible to staining, so it is better to reduce the consumption of teeth staining substances such as wine, coffee, tea, and cigarettes. It is important to avoid consuming tooth staining foods in the first two days after the bonding procedure.

The bottom line

If the bonded tooth feels unusual or has sharp edges, the dentist should be notified immediately. Composite bonding remains a quick and straightforward way to repair a cracked tooth and restore confidence in your smile. Talk to our dentist to know if dental bonding in same day dentistry is the most effective solution for you.

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