How Endodontics Is Important for Your Health

Endodontics St George, UT

Endodontics translates directly as "the tooth’s internal structure." This dentistry field deals with diagnosing and treating the pulp tissue to stop infection and prevent tooth loss. Saving the natural tooth is important for oral health.

The need for endodontics

If a tooth is infected, the dentist can recommend removing the pulp tissue and leaving the tooth structure intact. Cases of infection typically mean inflammation of the pulpal tissue. The primary purposes of endodontic treatment include disinfecting the root canal, cleaning out the infected pulp, cleaning the root canal, and filling the tooth’s root canal to avert re-infection and ensure healing. Endodontics seeks to preserve the natural tooth whenever possible and maintain the patient’s oral health.

The root canal procedure is the most common endodontic procedure. It is often suggested for patients who have experienced major dental trauma. If a tooth suffers decay and it is not immediately treated, it will continue to progress until it gets to the tooth’s inner layer. At that point, the tooth will need to be disinfected as part of the protocols to save the tooth. Endodontics also extends to abscesses, old fillings, broken teeth, and infected dental pulp.

The benefits of orthodontics for the health

Many people suffer dental anxiety, and the news online about painful root canals is not exactly encouraging. However, this is not recommended. The pain from a tooth infection can be too severe to ensure. Visiting the dentist for treatment can help save the tooth from the bacteria responsible for the decay and relieve tooth pain.

When experiencing toothache and other signs of tooth infection, eating regular foods may become difficult. Patients may be forced to stick to only soft foods to stay comfortable, which may prevent them from getting the needed nutrients. Treating the teeth restores complete dental functions as well. A healthy oral cavity allows individuals to eat their favorite meals and prevent further damages to the teeth.

If the tooth was damaged during an accident or sports injury, it is advisable to visit the dentist as soon as possible. The fracture or broken teeth are susceptible to bacteria and plaque, which causes tooth decay and may aggravate the pain. Sometimes, it could be a case of enamel deterioration that has exposed the teeth’ nerve endings. This may cause serious teeth sensitivity and pain.

Swelling around the face and gums should also be a sign of infection. The dentist can clean and disinfect the tooth to manage the symptoms experienced by the patient. Following the treatment, the tooth will be covered with a dental crown for improved structural support.

Contact the dentist for endodontics

If you are experiencing persistent tooth pain, sensitivity, or swelling, you might be dealing with a tooth infection. It is advisable to visit a dentist that provides endodontic treatment to eliminate infection and restore oral health. Remember that as you postpone treatment, the condition will continue to worsen to the point where saving the tooth may be impossible. Book an appointment today to save your teeth and get relief through endodontics.

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