The Technology Behind Same Day Dentistry

Wondering if same day dentistry is for you? More and more dental offices are offering same day dental services in order to accommodate their busy patients. Dental professionals understand how important regular dental care is and for that reason, many of them are taking the necessary steps to offer their patients more choices for dental care.

The same day option for a variety of dental services is eagerly being welcomed by those who simply find it difficult to make time for regular dental appointments.

Technologies for same day dentistry services

New advances in modern dentistry allow the ability for dental professionals to provide their patients with same day dental services, which is something to get excited about. Many dental offices are now utilizing computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technologies, also known as CAD-CAM technology.

CEREC technology

CEREC technology is used by many dental offices for same day services. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics and is a digital technology that allows for same day dental restorations. CEREC currently offers dental professionals solutions on three different areas of dental care — restorative, orthodontics and implantology.

Same day dental veneers

Dental veneers are a popular cosmetic option that can hide a wide variety of tooth imperfections, allowing someone to once again feel confident in the way they look when they smile. CEREC technology can now be used to custom design a patient's veneers in just one day, allowing them to have their smile transformed in just a few short hours.

Same day dental crowns

When patients are in need of a dental crown, new technology allows for the taking of a 3D picture, which means no more messy impressions. The 3D picture is sent straight to the CAD-CAM technology so that a patient dental crown can be made right then and there. As soon as the machine finishes making the crown it will be placed on the patient's tooth, allowing them the benefit of dental crown placement in just one day.

Same day dental implants

When patients are missing a tooth they can now have a dental implant placed in their mouth using updated dental technologies, including scanning devices. When a scanner is used for dental implants, it will take many pictures in order to process the image for 3D viewing, allowing for the creation of dental implants.

Are you currently in need of same day dentistry services?

Now that you understand more about how same day dentistry services work, are you currently in need of a dental appointment to get the services you need?

While it is completely understandable that you live a very busy life, it is also important for you to keep in mind how important it is to take proper care of your mouth. If you do not then it is possible that you can lose one or more of your teeth, which will require you to make a tooth replacement choice as a healthy mouth is one that has a full set of teeth.

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