How Many Veneers Do I Need To Get?

VeneersMany people hear about veneers since Hollywood stars and famous people are known to get this type of procedure. Veneers are a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can reshape your teeth. The procedure is simple and does not cause pain. Veneers are usually made of porcelain materials, and placed over your original tooth.

If you have trauma to one tooth, then getting one veneer should be sufficient. But if you have plenty of damage to many teeth, then you may want to get enough veneers to cover all of your damaged teeth.

These days, people judge off of appearance, if your teeth look rotten or entirely damaged, then you may need to think about getting veneers.

Of course... You need to have teeth in place in order to get veneers in the first place.

Reshape Your Teeth For a Beautiful Looking Smile

You no longer have to feel insecure about your broken, damaged, or discolored teeth, you can now fix the problem with veneers. The great thing about veneers is that you do not need to buy 28 veneers for nearly all of the 32 teeth in the mouth. Chances are, you may just have to buy enough veneers to cover the front and side appearance of your teeth. It is unlikely that you will need to get veneers on your molars, in fact, this is not common.

So, you may still ask, how many veneers do you need to get the most of your smile? The answer?  It is most common for people to get four to eight veneers for a full smile makeover, considering this covers all areas that you can see when you talk or smile. Reshape your teeth to increase your confidence levels and your overall well-being.

Make Sure Veneers Are Right For You

There are many alternatives when you want to reshape your teeth. Veneers aren't for everyone, but if you are looking to fix your teeth and their appearance, then it is a wise decision to opt for veneers since the porcelain material adds a look of perfection to your smile.

Veneers can last up to ten years, and cost anywhere from $800-2,000 dollars per tooth, so before you make this decision, you need to know how many veneers you really need. Receive a consultation and knowledgeable advice when you drop by our office.

You won't need to get every tooth in your mouth covered with a veneer.  If you have cracked, dented, discolored teeth, then we can help. Discoloration can occur in grey from medicines or yellow/brown from stains. Fortunately, veneers will turn your smile around. Veneers are very thin and cover and bond to your tooth that already exists.

If you are looking for perfect looking teeth like Hollywood stars, then this procedure will be your best bet.  It is a little on the pricey side, but when it comes to your appearance and the way you feel about yourself, it is worth every penny. Reshape your teeth with veneers and change your life.

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