Thinking About Professional Teeth Whitening? 2 Dental Procedures to Give You Beautiful White Teeth

Wanting to whiten your teeth so you can feel more confident when smiling? Good for you! When you feel good about the way your teeth look when you smile, you are much more likely to smile and laugh more often. Since you are looking into your professional teeth whitening options, it indicates that you are looking for a safe choice for whitening your teeth. While there are many over the counter whitening options available nowadays, not all of them are considered to be a safe whitening product. This makes it essential for anyone wanting to use over the counter whitening products to look at the ingredients before actually applying them.

Professional teeth whitening

The main reason why so many people are choosing to have their teeth whitened professionally by an experienced dentist is that they are specially trained in how to whiten their patient's teeth. A dentist knows exactly what to do for each patient, as every patient is different and unique in their whitening needs. The patient is also able to discuss all of their whitening goals with the dentist, which helps to ensure that the result is precisely what the patient wants. This means when someone has certain stains on their teeth from partaking in activities that can stain their teeth, like smoking cigarettes or drinking coffee, they can let the dentist know so they can pay special attention to these areas.

Dental procedures to bleach teeth

The following are the two dental procedures that dentists use to professionally bleach teeth.

Dental procedure #1 – an experienced dentist will put a special bleach on the teeth that will professionally whiten them in about an hour or so. They may choose to use special lighting or heat to activate the bleaching ingredients.

Dental procedure #2 – an experienced dentist will make a custom-fit mouth guard for a patient along with a special bleach for their dental patients who would rather whiten their teeth when at home, which takes a few weeks to whiten teeth.

Can we answer any questions for you?

When you want to whiten your teeth, it is a good idea for you to figure out which teeth whitening option is going to work ideally for your particular situation. There are many whitening options available nowadays, making it necessary for those who want whiter teeth to understand what each one involves. If you happen to have any questions we can answer for you, give us a call when you have a couple of minutes so we can discuss. Our caring dental team makes it a goal to help anyone who is looking for beneficial dental information. We are here for you!

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